Global health has suffered from disease-specific and vertical investment that has failed to account for local needs and systems.

Our approach is different.


We carefully curate a portfolio of private health care ventures based on analysis and a deeper understanding of local context.

This means that we can offer investors high-yield, evidence-informed investment opportunities and effectively build health care systems where they’re needed the most.


Private health care ventures are carefully curated by our team of public health and development experts.


We perform sector-specific analysis to guide investments that create the biggest impact and produce high yields.


We provide templates for online due diligence and enable co-investment opportunities to make investing as easy as possible.


We let you know exactly where and how your investment is making a difference.


Choose a country, region, or venture category and we’ll offer vetted projects that offer the greatest health impact according to your preferences.

We’ll provide a full profile of each project’s needs and goals so you know exactly how you’re making an impact.


Help us connect the dots between capital and meaningful global health innovations.

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