Connecting the dots between capital and global health innovations.


Driven by our mission to improve health for all, Baraka Networks is an impact investment platform that coordinates the financing of global health innovations serving the base of the pyramid.

Global health financing suffers from a mismatch of available capital and needs on the ground, which is indicative of the challenges investors face in navigating the global health investment landscape and in understanding the social and economic impacts of their investments.

“...investors want more guidance on how to achieve maximum impact. We believe a new “health investors’ platform” could provide this kind of strategic knowledge about the greatest health challenges facing poor populations, the most promising candidates in the R&D pipeline, and the likely health and economic impacts of developing these into health tools that will reach the poor.
— Larry Summer. Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard University. 71st Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama.
The main addressable challenges for investors include a lack of coordination and collaboration among parties in the sector.
— Lessons from the Global Health Investment Landscaping Project (GHILP).

The Baraka platform solves these challenges by bringing together impact investors, scientific experts, social entrepreneurs and innovators, and local support organizations to develop a meaningful pipeline of investments.


It combines the success of the existing Artha Platform - a network-driven, online impact investment platform - with detailed analytics on health needs and economic return, in order to maximize the impact of global health investments.

Built by investors for investors

  • Tech backbone of the social network

  • Proven track record in India & LatAm

  • Online due diligence

  • Co-investment facilitation

  • Communications

Built to support data-driven action

  • Impact and financial score estimates

  • Data visualization

  • Matchmaking

  • Impact assessments



Quarterly workshops and the Baraka Annual Forum.


Analytics reports and commissioned studies.


Supporting social entrepreneurs and investors to build the health impact investing ecosystem.

Baraka Networks builds on the proven success of the Artha platform to bring financing to the global health sector




Sidhant offers low-cost point-of-care diagnostics through mobile technology in India.


James is building a low-cost inflatable incubator in the UK.


Javier has reduced by 70% the cost of diabetes care in Mexico.

Mobile monitoring

Felix is using SMS technology to improve maternal health in Kenya.




  • 400+ accredited impact investors
  • Hundreds of family offices
  • Banks
  • Governments


Hundreds of health innovators serving the $158 billion annual BoP health market--we’ve already identified over 50 prior to even starting our operations.


Thousands of clients will have access to deep sector-specific research, education, and business intelligence.




Artha Platform goes live in India.

Sep 2011

WEF report: Global Economic Burden of NCDs is $47 trillion over two decades.

Mar 2014

World suffers protracted Ebola epidemic due to uncoordinated response and weak health systems.

Oct 2014

Artha Networks Inc and the Inter-American Development Bank launch for Latin America.

Jan 2015

Duke University & Calvert Foundation report on global health impact investing opportunities in East Africa and India.

Apr 2015

Baraka Networks, PBC offers first opportunity for a dedicated global health impact investment platform.

Sep 2015

Call from global community to better collaborate, involve private sector in SDG funding & call from Larry Summers for health impact investing platforms.

Sep 2015

New IRS ruling allows U.S. foundations to impact invest and maintain tax privileges.

Oct 2015

JOBS Act Title III approved opening door to non-accredited equity crowdfunding.


Baraka Networks to go live and offer guidance for health portion of anticipated $1 trillion impact investing market. Mobilize and capitalize on growing pool of impact investors.


Companies & Investors

Number of companies and investors.


Data is mentioned in 1000USD.

Funding Needs

Seed Funding $850k

Pre-Seed Funding $150k

*this is a combination of operationalize MVP and marketing from chart 1.

Beyond the technology, the value of Baraka Networks lies in its expertise, lean operations, and broad network of partners and collaborators.

The team combines over 30 years of experience in health, global development, and impact investing.


Nadeem Alduaij, MD, MPH

Emergency Physician

Global Health Expert

Audrey Selian, PhD

Artha Founder

Impact Investment Portfolio Manager

Talal Alduaij, LLM

Legal & Financial Expert

Mariam Bhacker, MSc

Global Health Communications Expert


Scientific Advisory Board

Our scientific advisors have decades of experience in global health, innovation, development, and health financing. They support the Baraka scientific process of assessing and vetting innovations and understanding trends in global health.

Meet some of them:


Prof. Muhammad Zaman, PhD

Boston University


Dr. Dan Azagury, MD

Stanford University

Prof. Bjorn Ekman, PhD

Lund University


Dr. Vivian Asamoah, MD

Houston Gastro Institute


Thanks for hearing us out.

We look forward to working with you to improve health and well-being at the BoP!